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ALT-200 Axial Load Crush Tester

Axial Load Crush Tester for Food Cans


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The ALT-200 is Quality By Vision’s latest Axial Load (Crush) Tester for Food Can Makers. The ALT-200 quickly, safely and accurately measures a can’s resistance to axial load (crush) force. The result and the force over time are displayed in kg or lbs on the built-in display.

The Axial Load Tester can be used stand alone or it can be connected to Quality By Vision’s Symphony software for reporting and SPC. Versions are available for up to 1,000 KG and 1,800 KG. The Axial Load Tester requires standard plant air supply (6 ATM) and 110 or 230VAC power.

Can Height Range:  Up to 300 mm can height

Max Crush Force:  1800 KG (18,000 N)

Air Pressure Required:  90 PSI (6 Bar)

Measurement Time:  About 10 Seconds

Features & Benefits

High accuracy, high resolution measurement

Automatic measurement with no operator influence

Fast and easy height adjustment

Quick height adjustment

Can be used stand alone or with a PC