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Aerosol End Automatic Measurement System – AEI-3000

Aerosol End Automatic Measurement System







Multidimensional Automatic Gauge for Aerosol Ends is an accurate, user friendly and affordable system that automatically measures and records all important physical dimensions on the complete range of aerosol ends – both tops and bottoms! The system measures all dimensions in less than a second, displays the results on the screen and shows the operator which of the dimensions are out of specifications. The MDE can measure three sections of an end in under 10 seconds and the results are completely tamper-proof (operators can’t change the numbers detected by the gauge).

Measurement units:  clean compressed air and 110V power supply

Resolution:  0.0005”

Measurement units:  clean compressed air and 110V power supply

Resolution:  0.0005”

Features & Benefits

Single measurement unit for aerosol tops and bottoms of all sizes

Includes Symphony software for reports, statistics and standards

Includes a centering device for maximum accuracy & repeatability

Includes a manual rotation mechanism – number of measurement points per end will be agreed in advance

Supports standard aerosol end diameters, (a full list and end drawings will be required in advance)

Includes adaptors for bottoms

Software will connect to agree upon existing gauges with known data output

All measurements are non-destructive and automatic, either optical, mechanical or a combination thereof

Includes factory certified calibration gauge