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84-96 'ZDT' Z-Direction Tensile Strength Tester

Complete digital testing system for Z-Directional 'ZDT' testing per TAPPI T541, ISO 15754 and related specifications.







There are several methods developed to measure internal bond strength or delamination strength of paper and board. The most common are the Scott type internal bond strength which is a dynamic impact test based on the energy stored when a pendulum is released. A second method is the Z-directional tensile strength. ZDT measures the tensile strength of a specimen which is sandwiched and compressed between two adhesive tapes. After compression, the specimen is separated to determine the maximum force at rupture.

Load cell:  with 1000N range

Resolution : 0.01N

Accuracy:  +/- 0.1%

Features & Benefits

1kN frame and load cell configuration standard

Square and Circular ZDT Clamps

Complete software with instrument control and ZDT Analysis Software

Conforms to TAPPI T541, ISO 15754 and related specifications

Rigid aluminum alloy frame with compact footprint

Includes one set of 1 inch x 1 inch square plates

Includes one set of 1 inch diameter plates