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84-56 Horizontal Tensile Tester

Horizontal Tensile Tester









The NEW model 84-56 Horizontal Tensile Tester combines a modern contemporary look with a robust mechanical design and new improved electronics including a color touch screen and user-friendly interface. The menus are interactive and the large buttons are designed for easy access.

84-56 Horizontal Tensile Tester for measuring tensile properties. It is sensitive with precision to measure on tissue and strong enough to measure on packaging board.

Load cells:  50N, 100N, 250N, 500N, 1000N (0.5% of full range, or within 0.5N, whichever is greater for all load cells)

Test speed:  0.2-8.0 in./min. (10-200 mm/min.)

Clamping length:  50 – 180 mm

Sample width:  0.5 in., 15mm, 25mm, 1 in., 50mm, 2 in., 75mm and 3 in.

Options: Wet tensile test, GraphMasterâ„¢ software

Power:  100V ““ 240V / 50Hz/60Hz

Dimensions:  31.5 x 19.7 x 11.8 in. (800 x 500 x 300mm)

Weight (approx.):  100 lb. (45 kg)

Features & Benefits

Test statistics generated at the push of a button

Overload-protected load cell

Auto return after test complete

Graph after test complete

USB/RS232 serial data output

Wet test option at 100mm clamping length

Multi-language standard

Measures all important tensile properties, i.e. Strength, elongation, TEA Tensile Stiffness,

E-modulus and more.

Water tray (optional)

Test speed 10-200 mm/min (0.2-8.0 in/min)

Load cell ranges 50N, 100N, 250N, 500N, 1000N

Easy-to-load air-operated test clamps

Clamping lengths 50-180 mm

Specimen width 0.5 in., 15mm, 25mm, 1 in., 50mm, 2 in., 75mm and 3 in.

Menu driven pre-selection of parameters and infra-red sample detection