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Products  > Systech Illinois 8101e OxySense® Oxygen Transmission Rate Analyzer

Systech Illinois 8101e OxySense® Oxygen Transmission Rate Analyzer

Setting a new benchmark in oxygen transmission rate testing, our OxySense® instruments incorporate the latest in coulometric sensor technology with high sensitivity and the widest test range.  


Brought to you by Systech Illinois, our world-leading gas, oxygen and moisture analysis brand, our 8101e devices are simple to operate. They increase your productivity while lowering costs. 

Extensive oxygen transmission rate testing 

With an 8101e device you can undertake flawless oxygen transmission rate testing on a wide range of materials, from barrier films, PET bottles and containers to bags and flexible pouches. 

Sensors for all oxygen transmission rate testing 

Choose the right sensor for your oxygen transmission rate testing to meet stringent international standards including ASTM D3985. Each device features an eMetric high sensitivity coulometric sensor offering a wide range from 0.05 to 432,000 cc/(m2 · d). You can even switch from wet to dry test inspection in just a few minutes. 

Networked oxygen transmission rate testing

The OxySense 8101e features a full Windows® operating system for safe, secure operation and network connectivity. 

Auto-Stop™ oxygen transmission rate testing 

Our patented Auto-Stop™  feature allows you to program parameters into the software that will determine when equilibrium has been reached and automatically stop the test.

Validate your oxygen transmission rate testing 

You can validate your 8101e system in just a few hours using third party certified gas. 

Oxygen transmission rate testing support

When you invest in the 8101e you get remote, Internet based support. Give us the green light and we can access your instrument to diagnose and repair system errors without the cost and time involved with an on-site visit. 

High standard oxygen transmission rate testing 

You can rely on the 8101e OxySense® to give you highly accurate results to the most stringent of international standards, including:  

More oxygen analyzer options

Across the IP portfolio we make a wide range of oxygen transmission rate testing devices. For example, we manufacture the low cost, reliable OxySense 8102 and OxySense 8107 machines. Then there’s our OxySense 8700 & 8701 permeability analyzers to consider – perhaps the ultimate oxygen transmission rate of polyethylene testing machines!

We live and breathe oxygen analysis!  

Over the decades we’ve learnt a thing or two about oxygen transmission rate testing. This includes monitoring the oxygen transmission rate of polyethylene and measuring the transmission rate of packaging films. We like to share this knowledge where we can! 

For example, we wrote this blog on the types of oxygen analyzers, their uses and functions. Then there’s this piece detailing how to protect your reputation with oxygen permeation testing, or this one that investigates the barriers to permeation testing, what can be measured…and why? 

What’s suitable for 8101e oxygen transmission rate testing?

The 8101e oxygen transmission rate testing device is relied upon across the beverage, flexible packaging, food, inks and coatingspaper and pulp and plastics and polymers sectors.  

It’s used for so many types of testing – from checking the oxygen transmission rate of packaging films to monitoring the oxygen transmission rate of polyethylene bags. Plus it’s ideal for testing PET bottles, containers and canisters.  

Film testing 

The 8101e will help you to understand the oxygen transmission rate of packaging films used in the food or the pharmaceutical industries. Use it to test plastic and composite films or even metalized films.  

Packages testing 

You can use the 8101e to undertake oxygen transmission rate testing of all kinds of plastic and composite. It’s great for oxygen transmission rate testing of plastic bottles, vacuum bags, engineered plastics, and building materials.


SKU: MDL-008101-E

Applications: Permeation Testing

Materials: Film, Paper, Plastics and Polymers

Gas: oxygen

Application: permeation

Controlled RH testing ranges: films – carrier and test gas / packages – ambient or controlled by chamber

Test temperature range: 10°C to 40°C ± 0.1°C

cc/(m2 • day): 0.05 to 432,000

cc/(100in2 • day): 0.003 to 28,000

cc/(pkg • day): 0.00025 to 2000

Resolution cc/(m2 • day): 0.0001

Repeatability cc/(m2 • day): 0.015 or 1%

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The Problem

A cutting-edge manufacturer of sustainable flexible packaging films was searching for an oxygen transmission rate analyzer to be used within an R&D environment.

The Solution

Ultimately, it was the OxySense 8101e OTR that best fit the needs of TIPA – due to the ease of operation, excellent sensitivity and reliability, and a wide sensor range, it was able to tick all the boxes.

The Result

Due to the features of the instrument, TIPA can expand the range of the products they’re developing – a hugely beneficial factor.

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