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Products  > Testing Machines Inc. Internal Bond Sample Prep Station 80-30

Testing Machines Inc. Internal Bond Sample Prep Station 80-30

The TMI Internal Bond™ Sample Preparation Station (model 80-30) presses and cuts perfect specimens for Ibond strength testing.  


This robust and reliable 80-30 internal bond test sample station is brought to you by Testing Machines Inc, our paper and flexible packaging testing specialist brand.  

It’s important to employ a consistent method of sample preparation to ensure repeatable test data. Our Ibond sample station was built for this purpose! It automatically presses and cuts test specimens from a variety of paper and board types to meet the most stringent of international standards.  

What is an internal bond test?

The internal bond test gives you important paper strength information.   

With the introduction of synthetic resins, early papermakers discovered the need to measure the internal bond strength of fibers in paper. 

The first internal bond tester was developed for the paper industry in 1957 to measure and improve fiber bonding paper strength. It was later commercialized for the pulp and paper industry. 

Consistent sample station preparation

Performing an internal bond test can be tricky! Several mechanical and operator variables threaten to affect the precision of the measurement technology and the results.  

The 80-30 preparation station was built to tackle these problems. For example, our sample station enables consistent adhesive transfer when pressing your test specimen between the double-sided tape and aluminum platens. 

Internal bond test compliance – as standard

You can rely on our Ibond sample station to create perfect specimens for your internal bond test to a variety of international standards, including:

Automatic preparation station prowess 

We have designed our 80-30 sample preparation station to make your job as easy as possible. It’s an innovative and automated device featuring touch screen technology and automatic setups.  

A strong internal bond strength portfolio 

Across the IP portfolio we make a wide range of strength testing and sample preparation devices and products. For example, our customers have been equally impressed with the ‘ZDT’ Z-Direction Tensile Strength Tester 84-96 and don’t forget to check out our 80-26 Internal Bond Tester.

Preparation station information

We’ve learnt a thing or two about internal bond testing and building exceptional sample stations over the years. And we like to share this knowledge in the pursuit of continuous improvement across the industries we serve.  

For starters, we’ve written this article providing more information about the internal bond test and we’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have on this subject – just get in touch!   


SKU: 80-30-00-0001

Applications: Adhesion Testing, Corrugated Testing, Sample Testing, Strength Testing

Materials: Adhesive, Paper, Textile

Dwell time: 1 to 4 seconds

Selectable units: kPa and psi

Sample station press timer: user adjustable 1-40 seconds

5 aluminum platens: sample size of 25.4 x 25.4mm (1.0 x 1.0 inches)

Sample thickness range: up to 1.25mm (0.050in)

Clamping pressure control: 690 kPa (100psi) +/- 20.7kPa (3 psi)

Selectable sample station cuts: 1-50 times

Air requirements: 283-682kPa (80 ““ 125 psi) Filtered/Dry Air

Dimensions: H 49.3cm x W 32.3cm x D 35.5cm (H 19.4in W 12.7in D 14.0in)

Weight: 22.7kg (50 lb)

Power requirements: 80-264 VAC, 47-63Hz

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