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80-10 Tackiness Checker (Model HTC-1)

Portable, hand held tackiness tester with rechargable internal battery









The Tackiness Checker HTC-1 is a convenient, easy-to-use instrument that was developed to allow on-site testing of the tackiness of rubber components. The instrument may also be used to test the tackiness of adhesive tapes, depending on the application.

Measure tackiness:  Max 20N resolution 0.1N (load cell system)

Press force:  5N – 12N (variable)

Press time:  3 sec / 6 sec (selection)

Test number:  1 / 3 / 5 (selection)

O-ring moving speed:  Approx. 2.3 mm/sec

Contact ring:  SBR O-ring (model RB-S1), Aluminum curvature surface ring (model AL-R1)

Test time:  Approx. 7 sec (when press time is 3 sec)

Contact ring drive:  Brushless DC motor

Contact ring rotation:  Auto rotation function

Minimum sample size:  50×50 mm

Test condition (input):  Sample name (4 digits), result display (median or average if multiple) number (1, 3, 5), press time (3 sec or 6 sec)

Calendar function:  Date, Time (yyyy/mm/dd hh

Battery:  Lithium ion battery 7.4V 2000mA (bout 1500 tests when fully-charged)

Power consumption:  Standby

Standard attachments:  Battery charger, AC adapter DC 8.4V 500mA (1 pc), SBR O-ring (10 pcs), aluminum curvature surface ring (1pc), bar for detach O-ring (1 pc)

Dimensions (W x D x H):  118 x 72 x 222 mm

Weight (approx.):  1.3 kg

Features & Benefits

Compact and lightweight (1.3 kg / 2.9 lbs)

Handheld and highly portable

Automatic start provides reading with a simple press of the instrument against the sample

Ratchet mechanism rotates the contact ring after each measurement

Easy cleaning of contact ring with instrument cleaning mode

Surface temperature of sample is optionally measurable