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Products  > Messmer Büchel – Bending Resistance Tester 79-56

Messmer Büchel – Bending Resistance Tester 79-56

When you need to work out the bending resistance of paper, paperboard, plastic film, medical tubing, and wire, you’ll find our 79-56 bending test machine will flex to your requirements.  


Developed by Messmer Büchel, our specialist physical properties inspection company, our bending resistance tester is ideal for paper, paperboard, plastic film, medical tubing and wire testing. 

Bending resistance basics  

Bending resistance is a characteristic associated with the rigidity of a material. When you measure it, you learn about the modulus of elasticity of the material’s stiffness. 

Bending test machine forces 

Our bending resistance tester is highly versatile and accurate. Its unique capability enables you to measure bending resistance forces at selectable bending angles from 5.0 to 90°.  

With you through thick and thin!

Our user-friendly bending test machine calculates the rigidity of any samples between 1 to 50mm in length and up to 2.5mm thick. 

Advanced bending resistance microprocessor

This sophisticated microprocessor-controlled instrument is available with a 100 or 1000 gram precision load cell. The sensitive bending resistance data acquisition system senses forces down to 0.5g.

Built for brilliant bending testing  

The 79-56 bending test machine was developed to produce a more concise, consistent measurement for the paper industry. But you’ll find it equally powerful for bending resistance inspection of personal products, paper, films, packaging or non-wovens. 

Certified bending testing – as standard

Our bending test machine was built to satisfy the most stringent of testing standards including ISO 2493, BS 3748, DIN 53121 and TAPPI T556. 

How to test bending resistance! 

Secure your samples with our two-point bending resistance testing method. The pneumatic clamp takes a firm grip so you can bend your sample up to 90° against a force transducer.

Flexible bending testing choices 

We make a range of bending resistance tester products and accessories. The Triple Shear Cutter Model 79-25 can be used alongside our bending test machine to create consistent samples. Plus, we also make the Crease and Board 79-15 for stiffness testing of corrugated, carton board, paper, printing and packaging. 

Bending resistance insight

We like to share the knowledge we have amassed over the decades at Industrial Physics.  Why not visit our blog on the modulus of elasticity testing or this piece on flexible packaging equipment and methods? 


SKU: 79-56-00-0001

Applications: Corrugated Testing, Flexibility Testing

Materials: Aluminum, Film, Foam, Foil, Paper, Plastics and Polymers, Rubber, Textile

Load cell:   10N or 1000mN load cell

Min. force sensitivity:   0.5mN with 1000mN load cell

Selectable bending angle:   5.0-90° and test length 5-50mm

Output:  RS232 serial data output, printer output and analog signal output

Depth:  330 mm (13 in.)

Height:  180 mm (7 in.)

Width:  330 mm (13 in.)

Weight:  15 kg (33 lb)

Electrical:  Specify voltage requirements when ordering

Air:  (instrument quality) 400-600 kPa700 kPa (90 psi) max. supply pressure

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Spares and Accessories

79-25 Triple Shear Cutter for Bending Resistance Tester

Manual action lever action rectangular specimen cutter for Bending Resistance Tester (79-56)

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