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Products  > Messmer Büchel Crease and Board 79-15

Messmer Büchel Crease and Board 79-15

If you need to accurately measure the crease and board stiffness of a range of paper based samples, the Crease and Board 79-15 wraps up all of your requirements.


Developed by Messmer Büchel, our specialist physical properties inspection company, our crease and board stiffness tester measures crease line, bending resistance and spring back. 

This industry-leading paper stiffness tester is ideal for paper, paperboard, plastic film, medical tubing and wire testing. 

Crease and board stiffness basics

Crease and board stiffness testing is important if you make or work with corrugated, carton board, paper, printing and packaging products.

The relationship between board stiffness and crease recovery (spring back) affects the performance of cartons on high speed packaging machines and during manual folding. It’s essential that any creases in your boards are correct and uniform to avoid distorted packaging or harmful closure stresses. 

Versatile board stiffness testing

The 79-15 gives you complete control when measuring the bending stiffness of paper and paperboard. It inspects the stiffness of your samples at 50mm and 15 degrees and the crease line at 10mm and 90 degrees.  

Philip Morris board stiffness clamping

For your convenience, our paper stiffness tester clamps are interchangeable. You can opt for our standard square clamps, while Philip Morris approved round-cornered clamps are available too.  

How to use our crease and board tester

A spring loaded clamp secures the sample. The clamp is manually rotated towards the fixed position. During a test, the continuous force value is displayed – after 15 seconds the maximum force is displayed. 

Paper stiffness tester cutter included

Our crease and board stiffness tester comes with a sharp and reliable cutter so you can cut your test samples fast and with confidence. 

One touch board stiffness testing

Our crease and board stiffness tester only has one button. Just zero the test before you start each inspection…board stiffness testing doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Certified board stiffness testing – as standard 

Our crease and board stiffness tester was built to satisfy the most stringent of testing standards including BS 6965:1, BS 3748, PMI 068, BS ISO 2493-1 and TAPPI T556. 

Board stiffness testing choices

We make a range of devices and accessories to measure the bending stiffness of paper and paperboard. Check out our Bending Resistance Tester 79-56 for example and get in touch if you have something else in mind.

Bending stiffness of paper and paperboard insight

We like to share the knowledge we have amassed over the decades at Industrial Physics.  Why not visit our blog on testing the physical and optical properties of paper, or this piece on flexible packaging equipment and methods? 


SKU: 79-15-00-0001

Applications: Corrugated Testing, Flexibility Testing

Materials: Paper

Resolution: 1 gram

Accuracy: +/- 1 gram

Sample Thickness: Maximum 4mm

Range: 0-399 gf (0 to 3.91 N)

Instrument Depth: 10.6 in. (270mm)

Instrument Height: 8.3 in. (210mm)

Instrument Width: 8.1 in. (205mm)

Instrument Weight: 14 lbs (16.5kg)

Cutter Depth: 11 in. (280mm)

Cutter Height: 7.7 in. (195mm)

Cutter Width: 5.3 in. (135mm)

Cutter Weight: 10 lbs (4.5 kg)

Electrical: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz

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The Problem

Proper calibration of your inspection devices is essential for a long and accurate life of service. A leading pet food manufacturer discovered this when shoddy servicing created a raft of problems with their burst and creep testing equipment.  

Our experts quickly identified and rectified the pre-existing problems. Now, they’re delighted to rely upon a trusted test and inspection partner with Industrial Physics.   

Scott Chambers, Quality Technician at Mars Inc., said,

“I was very happy to be one of the first companies to participate in the mobile calibration program. Ryan Moreno was my technician and was very personable, knowledgeable, and accommodating. The calibrations he performed were very efficient. I like having a technician on site one on one to answer any question I had. Also, not having to ship my BT-Integra units was a major plus. looking forward to future visits at Mars Petcare KKC.”

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