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73-61 Sheet Former, Semi-Automatic, Space Saver

Self-contained, floor standing semi-automatic sheet former creates standardized laboratory hand-sheets (TAPPI T-205, ISO 5269-1) with high repeatability, increased sheet output and reduced operator influence on sheet quality and consistency compared with standard sheet formers.










The Semi-automatic Sheet Formers create standardized laboratory hand-sheets that allow the physical properties of the pulp to be evaluated. Semi-automatic operation eliminates operator influence, ensures high repeatability, and increases sheet output compared to standard sheet machines. No longer having to manipulate the heavy Couch Roll and cumbersome Stirrer is greatly appreciated by those producing a large number of hand-sheets, reducing operator fatigue. Semi-Automatic Sheet Formers are available in two models: Model 300-0 (Self-Contained version) and Model 300-1 (Bench version).

Operation of the 300-0 Semi-Automatic Handsheet Sheet Machine is identical to that of the 300-1. The first 300-0 was ordered by a customer looking to save counter space in his laboratory. Since then, it is part of our product line.

PVC drying rings, stainless steel drying rings
Digital drainage timer

Stainless Steel Grid Plate

Depth: 622 mm (24.5 in.)

Height: 651 mm (65 in.)

Width: 641 mm (25.25 in.)

Weight: 73 kg (160lb)

Electrical:  Specify voltage requirements when ordering

Features & Benefits

Fits into a space of 26 inches wide; no counter space required

The unit is installed in a 316 stainless steel self-contained housing

Simply connect the water, air and drain and the instrument is ready to use

Two step operation: 1- Auto fill, stir settle and drain 2- Auto couching

Convenient, user friendly control panel

All timing and pressure settings are user programmable

Full PLC control of the dynamic test sequence

Variable times and pressures

Adjustable level sensor

Can house an internal White Water Return System (option)