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7000 Water Vapor Permeation Analyzer

We're sorry, this instrument has been replaced with the Aquasense 7101. Click here to access.



Modular systems for precision water vapor permeabilty testing of packaging film barriers.
The 7000 water vapor analyzer range utilises the sensitive and stable P2O5 sensor for absolute moisture measurement. These water vapor analyzers offer a wide measurement range of 0.002-1000 g/m²/day and precision temperature, humidity and flow control. Providing accurate and repeatable results for research and development testing of water transmission rate (wvtr) in both current and newly formulated packaging film materials and fast testing for Quality Control.

All Systech Illinois analyzers are certified traceable to NIST. In addition, analytical performance is validated using NIST certified gases and NIST traceable films.

A set of validation films and a spare P2O5 sensor comes as standard with all of our water vapor permeation analyzers.

ASTM F-1249*
*The Systech Illinois 7000 analyzers comply with ASTM standard F-1249 with the exception of the sensor technology. The standard relates to an infra-red sensor whilst the Systech Illinois analyzer uses a coulometric sensor, a dedicated method of moisture analysis.

Industry :  Packaging

Gas :  Water Vapor

Application :  Permeation

Measurement range :  7001 Unmasked 0.002 – 10 g/m2/day, Masked 0.02 – 70 g/m2/day.

Measurement range :  7002 Unmasked 0.002 – 70 g/m2/day, Masked 0.02 – 1000 g/m2/day

Test temperature range :  5 to 50°C (41 to 122°F)

Test RH range :  20 to 90% RH

Dimensions :  533 x 533 x 305 (mm)

Weight :  23.6 kg

Features & Benefits

Analytical Systems Manufactured traceable to NIST

System validation with certified gas or film for speed and convenience

Over 25 years experience of Proprietary Coulometric P2O5 sensor

Absolute moisture measurement – no calibration required

Wide measurement range providing research grade flexibility

Flow, temperature and humidity control for ultimate responsiveness and repeatability

Intuitive Windows based software

No liquid coolants, catalysts or special gas mixtures required