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5 kN Foam Compression Tester

United's 5kN Foam Testing System is designed to test to ASTM C1427, ASTM D1621, ASTM D3574, ASTM D3575, ASTM F1566, and ASTM F1839.


5kN Foam Compression Tester





United’s 5kN Foam Tester incorporates an extended crosshead and a wider and longer base to accommodate large foam samples.

Ideal for testing to several popular foam testing standards.

ASTM C1427 – Standard Specification for Extruded Preformed Flexible Cellular Polyolefin Thermal Insulation in Sheet and Tubular Form
ASTM D1621 – Standard Test Method for Compressive Properties Of Rigid Cellular Plastics
ASTM D3574 – Standard Test Methods for Flexible Cellular Materials–Slab, Bonded, and Molded Urethane Foams
ASTM D3575 – Standard Test Methods for Flexible Cellular Materials Made From Olefin Polymers
ASTM F1566 – Standard Test Methods for Evaluation of Innersprings, Boxsprings, Mattresses or Mattress Sets
ASTM F1839 – Standard Specification for Rigid Polyurethane Foam for Use as a Standard Material for Testing Orthopaedic Devices and Instruments

Standard foam test table:  36 inch x 36 inch, with 0.250-inch holes that are 0.750-inch apart.

Includes load cell (5kN capacity).

Compression foot:  8″ (203mm) diameter

Spec:  Preload, Test, Stop, and Return operations initiated with one keystroke

Spec:  Preload Force, Test Speed and Return Speed may be preset

Spec:  Automatic Stop or Return following sample break

Features & Benefits

Bench-top model

The extended base and crosshead allow a variety of different sized foam samples to be tested

Upper & lower compression plates (round or square) can be provided in a variety of standrd sizes

they can be custom made for your specific application