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49-85 Digital Micrometer for Paper

Digital Micrometer for Paper







Meets TAPPI T 411, ASTM D 645 Digital Micrometer. Dual Measurement Range, English 0-0.050″ ;Metric 0-1.250 mm; Anvil Diameter .63″ , 7.3 psi.

The NEW model 49-85 Paper Micrometer combines a precision thickness measuring system with an ultra-clear, easy-to-read digital display.ย  The motor-driven instrument utilizes the dead weight micrometer principle for high accuracy and repeatability.ย  Each unit is designed and manufactured for use where very high precision measurements are required.The micrometer model 49-85 has a construction consisting of a heavy, solid frame which supports the unit and houses the reflective linear encoder and associated circuitry.ย  A digital readout is provided to automatically display the specimen thickness. The lower anvil and movable pressure foot is made from lapped, stainless steel.

Range:  0-0.050 in. (0-1.27 mm)

Resolution:  0.5 micron (0.02 mil)

Accuracy:  1.0 micron (0.039 mil)

Units:  Microns, mils, millimeters or inches

Features & Benefits

Digital readout and superior mechanical design

For use throughout the laboratory and production floor for measuring paper

Utilizes dead weight micrometer principle

Displays readings in microns, mils, millimeters or inchesZeroing on next dwell after

Zero button press

Serial output for simple data collection

GraphMasterย compatible

User configurable calibration menu (requires password)

Special anvil diameters and dead weight loads available

Calibratable with certified gauge blocks