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Products  > Testing Machines Inc. Digital Micrometer for Paper 49-85

Testing Machines Inc. Digital Micrometer for Paper 49-85

The 49-85 Digital Micrometer is designed to measure the thickness or caliper of paper sheets, cardboard with precision and ease. 


Brought to you by Testing Machines Inc., our world-leading physical properties testing brand, this electronic micrometer measures and stores multiple thickness readings, providing a cross machine profile.  

Like all of our digital micrometers, the 49-85 Digital Micrometer uses the deadweight principle for accuracy and repeatability. 

What is a digital micrometer? 

Digital micrometers enable you to accurately measure the thickness of a range of materials. A digital micrometer caliper can be controlled through a computer terminal, or remotely. Some digital micrometers are used together with other testing equipment. Plus they can be relied upon for continuous or single testing and statistical analysis. 

The 49-85 Digital Micrometer – a paper specialist 

The Digital Micrometer 49-85 is designed specifically with the paper industry in mind. It was constructed to meet the single-sheet thickness and variation requirements of TAPPI T 411, the international specification and test standard for paper and board 

As you’ll read below, we also make digital micrometers for all types of material testing from corrugated, paper board, and tissue paper through to plastic film, nonwovens and textiles.   

A robust and reliable digital micrometer  

The 49-85 digital micrometer is protected with a heavy, solid frame. This houses the reflective linear encoder and associated circuitry for long-lasting use.  

Strengthening the device further, we also constructed the lower anvil and movable pressure foot from lapped, solid stainless steel. Our digital micrometers truly are built to last!  

Powerful digital micrometer memory

Using the 49-85 digital micrometer you can store up to 100 readings. Each set of tests can be analyzed for high, low, average, and standard deviation.   

Your digital micrometer offers clear results 

With a precision digital linear encoder measuring system and an ultra-clear, easy-to-read display, our electronic micrometers are so simple to use. You can inspect each thickness measurement in real time on the digital readout.   

Exportable digital micrometer data

Save your data permanently using our optional GraphMaster PC-based software and print it out if you want to keep a hard copy.  

Our wider electronic micrometer portfolio

Over the decades we have designed and built many digital micrometers and accessories. Why not check out the Digital Micrometer 49-86 which is made for the thinnest of samples? Or the Digital Micrometer 49-87, as well as our Digital Micrometer 49-56, which can be configured to meet a variety of international specifications for many different types of materials. 

IP digital micrometer downloads!

We like to share the knowledge we’ve gained over many decades of making world-class electronic micrometers. Have a look at this piece on how to use a digital micrometer, or this one which tells you all of the basic information you need to know about digital micrometer devices. Then if you’re still keen to learn more, why not read up on our guidance on how you can optimize the precision of your micrometer testing?  

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The Problem

Proper calibration of your inspection devices is essential for a long and accurate life of service. A leading pet food manufacturer discovered this when shoddy servicing created a raft of problems with their burst and creep testing equipment.  

Our experts quickly identified and rectified the pre-existing problems. Now, they’re delighted to rely upon a trusted test and inspection partner with Industrial Physics.   

Scott Chambers, Quality Technician at Mars Inc., said,

“I was very happy to be one of the first companies to participate in the mobile calibration program. Ryan Moreno was my technician and was very personable, knowledgeable, and accommodating. The calibrations he performed were very efficient. I like having a technician on site one on one to answer any question I had. Also, not having to ship my BT-Integra units was a major plus. looking forward to future visits at Mars Petcare KKC.”

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