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360° Label Inspection

The 360° Label Inspection Module is a complete final inspection for labeled bottles, jars, cups, cans and various other types of packaging.


360° Label Inspection


The system inspects labels with a 360° field of view checking for correctness of labels (mixed-up labels), the right label positions, misprints and damages. The system is also suitable for high speeds, as commonly used in beer bottle lines.

The 360° Label Inspection module is a highly accurate, reliable and proven label mix-up detection system for labeled & decorated packaging. The system integrates multiple functionalities hybridly in one system, to ensure optimal label identification and positioning “as your customer sees it”. The system is also suitable for high speeds, as commonly used in beer bottle lines. We have a specific design for inspection of (semi-) transparent bottles and labels, as used in beer, distillery and water lines.

Barcode Reading
2D Data Matrix Code Reading
Decoration Artwork Print Inspection
Label Positioning
Damaged, Folded and Flaggy Labels
Visible Batch/Date Code

OCR Label Code/Number Reading
Batch/Date Code Reading outside the labels
Cap Inspection
Fill-Level Inspection

Features & Benefits

Automatic learning functionality

Short changeover time using product library or MES input

Compact footprint

High Speed inspection

(Semi-) transparent bottles possible

No mechanical adjustments needed

Proven standard system

Random product orientation

Simple installation to the line

Stainless steel hygienic frame

Network connection

Remote access connection

Storage of statistics and pictures

Very operator friendly user interface

Easy maintenance because of no moving parts

Hygienic Design

CE certified