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Messmer Büchel Schopper-Reigler Freeness Tester 33-29

The Schopper-Riegler Freeness Tester 33-29 will accurately determine how quickly any diluted pulp solutions will drain.








Brought to you by Messmer Büchel, our paper inspection specialist brand, our Schopper Riegler freeness tester 33-29 reliably determines the rate of drainage and expresses it in a Schopper Riegler (SR) value.  

Are you involved in paper making? When you need to make consistently high quality sheets, careful examination of the surface conditions and swelling of the fibers is important. The good news is, our Schopper Riegler freeness tester 33-29 helps you to achieve freeness of pulp testing perfection. 

What is the Schopper Riegler freeness value?

It’s understood that the rate of drainage is related to surface conditions, the fiber swelling and the work done on the fiber during beating and refining. The Schopper Riegler freeness value represents the inverse of the volume of water collected, divided by 10. 

Quality Schopper Riegler freeness testing as standard  

The Schopper-Riegler Freeness Tester 33-29 was developed to meet many international standards, including ISO 5267/1, TAPPI T 227, BS 6035/1 and SCAN C19.  

Schopper Riegler freeness tester accessories  

Our Schopper Riegler freeness tester comes with a variety of accessories, including a calibrated nozzle and screen plate plus two measuring cylinders. 

Schopper Riegler freeness tester choices 

We make two models of Schopper Riegler freeness tester. The first is a free-standing, stainless steel benchtop design that’s corrosion resistant. The second option is a solid, wall mounted model made from brass. 

You may also be interested in our Canadian Standard Freeness Tester CSFT 33-23 which was developed to conform to the TAPPI T227 Canadian standard freeness method. 

Included Accessories

  • Measuring cylinder 
  • Wire removal tool 
  • Consistency cups 5-6-7%

Depth:  30 cm (11.8in)

Height:  112 cm (44in)

Width:  40.6 cm (16in)

Weight:  33 kg (72.6lb)

Depth:  30 cm (11.8in)

Height:  112 cm (44in)

Width:  40.6 cm (16in)

Weight:  33 kg (72.6lb)

Features & Benefits

Calibrated and traceable to industry standards 

Easy to operate Schopper Riegler freeness tester 

Extremely accurate Schopper Riegler freeness device 

Durable, heavy construction 

The stand model is constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel  

The wall model is constructed of solid brass 

Semi-automatic valve lifting and agitation of pulp ensures the instrument is easy to use 

Non-corrosive phosphor bronze wire for low maintenance 

Calibrated Schopper Riegler freeness tester nozzle