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3-Point Bend Fixture

United offers a wide selection of bend and flex fixtures for many different applications across a wide variety of industries.

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Bend fixtures vary widely depending on the sample being tested, the forces required and the calculations being determined. Common fixtures are generally 3-point or 4-point, but others are available that can acommodate a wide range of capacities. Common parameters used to determine the appropriate bend/flex fixture are listed below. When sourcing bend/flex fixtures, please provde as much of the following information as possible.

-Loading Points – (3-point/4-point)
-Reference Standard- ASTM, ISO, etc.
-Loading Capacity – Min & Max
-Specimen Material – Metal, Plastic, Composite, Concrete, Wood, etc.
-Specimen Shape – Strip, Round Bar, Custom
-Span Length – Min & Max
-Anvil Height – Min & Max
-Upper & Lower Roller Diameter – Min & Max
-Deflection Coil Requirement – Yes/No?
-Deflection Coil Height – 1”, 2” or other height?

Bend and Flex fixtures:  Are available in a variety of configurations to meet your specific need, typically based on the specific ASTM, ISO, or other international standard you are testing

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