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2 Station Heat Distortion & Vicat Softening Point Apparatus

The HDT/Vicat Apparatus is used to detemine the Deflection and softening point characteristics of all types of thermo plastic specimens.




  • Ray-Ran
  • Description



    Designed and built to cover multiple international testing standards, it utilises microprocessor technology to accurately determine the deflection and softening point characteristics of all thermo plastic test specimens. The 2 station device will test two samples simultaneously.

    The simple manually operated raise and lower function of the test stations ensure easy access to the test sample supports for sample loading and retrieval before and after each test. Each test station is fitted with a PT100 platinum resistance thermometer which accurately records the temperature next to the sample under test to 0.1°C and an electronic displacement transducer which measures the sample displacement to 0.01mm as standard or to 0.001mm as an option. The built-in LCD provides simple on-screen instructions reducing user error. Test parameters are easily selected using the keypad. A simple data selection process and yes/no prompts make the operating procedure very simple to undertake.

    The microprocessor’s temperature control function ensures the ramping rates of either 50°C/h or 120°C/h are kept within the specified test standard requirements as well as performing non-standard ramp rates to customers own specific needs. Test temperatures of 300°C are easily achieved and to ensure optimum safety at higher temperatures, the Nitrogen Blanket option is recommended. The methods of testing available on the apparatus are: HDT – Heat deflection / distortion test. Testing is carried out in accordance with the ISO75 (parts 1, 2 and 3) and ASTM D648 Test Standards.

    For this test, a required fibre stress of 0.45, 1.8, or 8.00 MPa is easily selected. Custom fibre stresses can also be managed by the microprocessor if required. The HDT span supports of 100mm or 64mm are easily adjusted on each tool station to suite your testing method of Flat wise or Edgewise sample testing. Each machine is supplied with HDT test nibs with 3mm radius which are easily attached to the load displacement rods for testing in accordance with relevant international test standards. Vicat (VST) – Softening point test.

    Testing is carried out in accordance with the ISO306 and ASTM D1525 Test Standards. For this test, penetration loads are easily selected via the microprocessor for use with the single loading weights of 10 N and 50N. The supplied cylindrical indenter test nib with 1mm² surface area is attached to the load displacement rod for sample testing in accordance with relevant testing standard.

    The self-calibration feature of the apparatus ensures that the test results remain accurate. Unique calibration plugs are supplied with each machine which simply plug into the PRT socket for you to carry out the calibration procedure. Test results are downloaded to the supplied file capture software via the RS232 serial connector and are displayed in tabular format. Results can also be saved as .CSV files.

    Optional Ancillaries:
    Binary HDT Test Weights (1 set required per station)
    1.00Kg Vicat Test Weight (1 required per station)
    5.00Kg Vicat Test Weight (1 required per station)
    Displacement Transducer 0.001mm
    Light Weight Load rods to test to .45 MPa
    Heat Transfer Medium 15 litres
    Nitrogen Blanket
    Water Chiller unit

    Weight:  25 kg

    Dimensions:  360 x 530 x 500 mm (WxDxH)

    Power:  220-240 VAC, 50hz

    Display:  4 Line LCD panel

    Weight:  25 kg

    Dimensions:  360 x 530 x 500 mm (WxDxH)

    Power:  220-240 VAC, 50hz

    Display:  4 Line LCD panel

    Features & Benefits

    HDT/Vicat testing enabled

    Manual Raise/Lower of test stations

    Advanced microprocessor control

    2 sample test stations

    Digital temperature control

    Temperature range to 300°C

    Resolution +/- 0.01mm

    Oil bath stirrer

    Solenoid operated cooling system

    Integrated safety thermostat

    HDT Heads (1 per station)

    Vicat Nibs (1 per station)

    Standard Fiber Stress 0.45, 1.8 or 8.00 MPa

    User defined fiber stress for HDT testing available

    Standard Vicat penetration of 0.1mm or 1.00mm

    User defined penetration depth for Vicat testing available

    Temperature resolution +/- 0.1°C

    Temperature ramp rates of 50° or 120° C/hr

    User defined ramp rates available

    HDT span supports 64mm or 100mm

    Bath capacity 8 litres

    RS 232 connection

    RS232 Cable

    Windows File Capture Software

    Fully traceable certificate of calibration

    Product user manual

    CE declaration certificate

    1 year return to base warranty

    220-240 VAC, 50hz

    Conforms to ISO 75-1, 75-2, 75-3, 306, ASTM D648, D1525, D5944, D5945