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17-38 S Tester

The new method for CMT testing. The 17-38 S-Test is a new test method developed in 2018 as an alternative to the CMT test. The new method was developed to measure the compressive strength of the flute/medium. A 15 mm wide specimen of uncorrugated medium is placed between two clamps. The span between the clampsis 4mm and the clamps have an offset of 1mm. The offset of 1mm compresses the flute to form an "S" shape during the test. The test result is the maximum compressive force. The S-Test can be correlated to the first plateau of the CMT.




Why a new test?The CMT test is time consuming and test results can beinfluenced during sample handling, preparation and by theoperator during the measurement.Several factors including leaning flutes, improper tapeadhesion, wrong flutes can influence the results. The testmust be performed immediately after sample preparation orafter 30 minutes for the CMT30 value.

Model:  17-38 Series

Measuring units:  N, kN/m, lb and lb/inch

Load cell range:  100 N 250 N

Accuracy:  Less than 1% of reading

Test speed mov. Jaw:  3 mm/min +/- 1 mm/minSpan

Span accuracy:  0.05 mm

Language:  Multiple available

Electrical:  100 V-230VAC 50/60 Hz28

WattAir:  600 kPa (instrument quality)

Dimensions:  430 x 420 x 195 mm (LxWxH), 33 kg17 x 16.5 x 8 inches (LxWxH), 73 lbs

Features & Benefits

Direct replacement of the CMT

Compact and modern design

Automatic clamping of sample

Touch screen intuitive user interface

Unique clamping mechanism

Statistical information

GraphMasterPro compatible