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Advanced testing technology reducing waste for confectionary companies

07/20/20213 minutes

Eagle Vision Systems


Optical Testing

Advanced testing technology reducing waste for confectionary companies

Protecting the integrity of our customer’s brands and products is at the heart of everything Industrial Physics stands for. And in order to do this effectively, we understand how important it is to be at the forefront of technology.

When providing first-rate, cutting edge test and inspection solutions to businesses and manufacturers across the globe, innovation is everything. And that’s why we partnered with LHT Consultancy to create the Dirty Tray Vision system – the only instrument designed specifically to reduce waste in starch moulding.

And by providing this innovative solution, we’ve already been able to help customers in their journey to reduce waste and experience appealing returns. Like confectionary company, Just Born Quality Confections.

Find out more about the Eagle Vision Dirty Tray Vision System by accessing our factsheet today:


Solving problems with innovative ideas

Like many confectionary companies, Just Born Quality Confections had been searching for a tool that would prevent unnecessary candy waste. And when our partner Luke Hilhorst introduced the team to the Eagle Vision Dirty Tray Vision system, it was clear that this was the answer they were looking for.

Andre Jansen, Global Sales Manager at Industrial Physics explains, ‘The Eagle Vision Dirty Tray Vision system was created to solve a very specific problem. As experts in delivering test and inspection solutions, we were aware that unnecessary candy waste was a big issue in the confectionary industry. And when we realised that there was no specific test designed for the application of starch moulding analysis, there was a clear opportunity to truly help our customers – that’s when we partnered with Luuk to bring a unique solution to the market.’

Providing customers with bespoke solutions and personalized service

The DTV helps manufacturers within confectionary to significantly reduce candy waste through the use of advanced technology and state-of-the-art cameras that scan the candy trays and stop them in their tracks whenever an issue arises.

In 2017 Luuk introduced the team at Just Born Quality Confections to the state-of-the-art system– knowing that the instrument had already helped many giants of the confectionary world to significantly cut down on their waste problems.

According to André, ‘The team at Industrial Physics worked closely with Just Born to install the system and ensure adequate training was in place – as a partner in testing and inspection solutions, we believe it’s critical that we don’t just supply our customers with the right equipment, but we provide a service that truly allows them to get the results they need.’

A sweet return on investment

And thankfully – due to the quality of the technology and the first-rate service – this ideal was brought to life. By using the Dirty Tray Vision system, Just Born were able to significantly cut down waste on their candy line.

André explains, ‘This is excellent news for Just Born and the industry as a whole. Both from an economical standpoint of saving our customers money, but also from an ethical point of view in reducing waste. I’m proud to be working with a team that fosters innovation and expertise to deliver forward-thinking solutions to the market.’

Thanks to the innovate solutions provided by Industrial Physics, Just Born were able to gain a strong return on investment within the first twelve months of operation.

The team at Just Born were delighted with these results,

‘The Eagle Vision system has proven to be a reliable and functional addition to our jumbo mogul. Quality of product, reduction of scrap and long-term operating cost have all been enhanced by this addition to our system.’

Your test and inspection partner

Thanks to the success the business had with the system, they were keen to replicate these sweet results – and this year, they purchased a second system for another line.

According to André, ‘Once again, we’ll be happy to support the team at Just Born with all their needs – ensuring they have the tools to make the most of this instrument on a new line. Whether that means travelling to their facilities to conduct additional training, or offering remote options, we’re here to support our customers’ needs as always.’

At Industrial Physics, it’s our purpose to protect the integrity of brands and manufacturers across the globe. Working in partnership with our customers, our team of experts are in place to provide bespoke solutions to businesses spanning a range of industries.

If you’d like to find out more about how Industrial Physics can support your needs, just get in touch.


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