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Optical Property Calibration Standards

Calibration. Standardization. Testing.

The Technidyne Laboratory Services(TLS) group is the leading provider of ISO Level III optical property calibration standards in the world.  As one of four authorized laboratories in the world, it is imperative that this facility be maintained with the best equipment and technical capabilities. You can view our Authorized Laboratory Certificate by clicking here.

The goal of this laboratory is to provide the worldwide paper industry with the calibration tools needed, so that they can be confident that their calibration point is stable and consistent from month to month and year to year.  In addition to our many calibration programs, the TLS can work with our customers to provide contract testing and round-robin testing programs.

Each and every calibration standard generated by TLS comes with traceability documents that will meet your Quality Program demands and certifications.  TLS offers your mill unique capabilities and opportunities to evaluate your products and ensure that your in-house testing

program is properly calibrated and prepared to provide

accurate and precise data.

Download the Calibration Standards or get in touch to find out more.