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Maximizing leading test and inspection solutions


Inks & Coatings

TQC Sheen

Maximizing leading test and inspection solutions

Across our family of brands, we’ve been supporting customers all over the world for almost a century. And for us, this is about more than just providing quality products, it’s about really being there to support your needs.

At Industrial Physics, it’s our purpose to protect the integrity of our customers’ brands and products – we do this by providing the highest calibre of test and inspection instruments for packaging, products, and materials. But we also make this happen by offering a first-rate service that lets out customers get the most out of our equipment.

Global company with localized support

We’ve been working with Artur Palasz, PhD, for many years now. Artur is the R&D Director at paint formulation and raw materials lab, Spektrochem – meaning that his expertise is used to conduct research on raw materials for water based architectural paints. He uses his expertise to provide a knowledge hub for his customers within the paint industry.

Nico Frankhuizen, Product Manager at Industrial Physics, explains, ‘Artur had been working with one of our distributors in Poland for a number of years – what’s great about Industrial Physics is that as a global company, we’re able to offer personalized, local support through experts that are positioned across the world.’

Training and support

Our customer relationships don’t stop after purchase. We want to ensure that we act as a true partner – providing a full suite of solutions for each organization’s unique needs while also helping them to truly maximize the relevant tools.

According to Nico, ‘With Artur, we’ve provided a number of tools over the years for different purposes. And we always want to make sure he gets the most out of them – at one point, he had some queries around a settings issue with our pendulum hardness test. This is a test that allows the user to measure coating hardness in order to determine a variety of underlying properties. When being used regularly, it’s normal that the buttons used to operate the device will need repairs from time to time.

After a few brief exchanges, we were able to provide a quick and effective consultation over a video call – this meant we could directly solve the problem in a matter of minutes and avoid any delays to productivity that would be caused by the device having to be shipped back and forth. This was able to happen because of the trusted relationship we’d established with our customer.’

Quality products

According to Nico, ‘As an expert in research and development, no one understands the value of quality test and inspection equipment more than Artur. Thanks to the quality service and proven success of our products, Artur now comes to us as a first port of call for all of his testing needs within inks and coatings.’

Nico continues, ‘In fact, Artur is so passionate about businesses conducting tests effectively that he’s become somewhat of an ambassador for the IP products! Every week, he offers his network advice on how to get the most out of our equipment – this is because he’s so passionate about quality testing equipment and wants to alert others about best practice and quality products in the market.’

Protecting your integrity

At Industrial Physics, we’re always here to support our customers. And we provide solutions across a wide range of industries.

For many years, we have been a user of laboratory equipment under the TQC brand for coating tests. As an independent laboratory providing services to external clients from all over the world, we attach great importance to the quality of the equipment in our laboratory. TQC equipment on which we work, incl. wet scrubbing machine, automatic drawdown machine, drying time recorder, flow cups, applicators, pendulum device and many others meet our expectations in terms of compliance with the standards of international test methods and ergonomics of work as well as zero failure rate.

All our instruments under the TQC brand also meet the calibration requirements that are carried out by us on a regular basis. Many of our customers appreciate the TQC brand equipment, because it is a world-class apparatus that they know and use in their laboratories. Excellent technical contact, perfect customer service and fast order processing time are undoubtedly additional advantages that determine the choice of TQC as our permanent supplier of laboratory equipment today and in the future.

Artur Palasz PHD, R&D Director, Spektrochem Paint Laboratory

If you’d like to find out more about how we can provide you with first-rate test and inspection solutions in packaging, product, or material integrity, or you’d like to know more about our services within installation, maintenance, calibration, please get in touch.


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