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Industrial Physics Inc.  Acquires Technidyne Corporation


Corrugated packaging

Corrugated Paper

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Industrial Physics Inc.  Acquires Technidyne Corporation

Industrial Physics Inc. announced today that it has expanded its portfolio of solutions – the leader in global test and inspection acquired Technidyne Corporation, a manufacturer of instruments that measure optical, surface, and physical properties of paper and related materials. The company also offers a wide range of calibration standards.

This acquisition will further strengthen Industrial Physics’ solutions in paper, tissue, and packaging. In particular, Technidyne will add optical properties and automated testing capabilities to Industrial Physics’ existing solutions in this space along with the Testing Machines Inc. (TMI), Messmer Büchel, and United Testing Systems brands. Technidyne is USA based and has been in operation for over 45 years.

Technidyne and Industrial Physics service many of the same global players in the manufacturing of goods within the paper and pulp industry. Technidyne also brings a very strong service capability in the US and Canada – further strengthening Industrial Physics’ leadership in offering customers fast and effective multiproduct service. Industrial Physics’ global sales and service presence will help expand Technidyne’s offering to the European and Asian Markets.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Technidyne and its employees to continue to both grow globally and to provide even better solutions and support to our loyal customer base. I see Industrial Physics global sales infrastructure as a tremendous asset to Technidyne. The synergies of products and staff will significantly enhance our offerings to our customers.” States Todd Popson, former CEO & President of Technidyne. Mr. Popson will remain as a consultant to the combined company.

“I am delighted to complete such a strategic acquisition” says Jim Neville, CEO of Industrial Physics. “Technidyne Corporation is the perfect complement to our portfolio of test and inspection solutions for paper, pulp, and packaging. I am delighted the Popson family chose Industrial Physics to take Technidyne to the next level. I look forward to working with Todd and the Technidyne team. They have a fantastic reputation in the industry.”

Industrial Physics (IP) is a global test and inspection partner, comprised of over a dozen trusted brands that each have an established reputation within their niche. IP’s brands provide packaging, product, and material integrity testing solutions for manufacturers, production lines, and laboratories all over the world.

Alongside the production of instruments, IP’s world class service offering allows them to function as a true partner for customers across a multitude of industries.

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