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Industrial Physics Acquires Eagle Vision Systems BV

07/31/20172 min read

Eagle Vision Systems

Industrial Physics Acquires Eagle Vision Systems BV

Industrial Physics, a leader in package and product integrity test instrumentation and services, has purchased Eagle Vision Systems BV, a company that specializes in machine vision technology for the food, beverage and metal packaging industry. Eagle Vision-branded products are now part of Industrial Physics’ Beverage & Canning segment, which, along with CMC-KUHNKE and Quality By Vision products, offers a complete portfolio of solutions to customers requiring lab-to-line solutions for quality assurance.

“The Eagle Vision products and team are a great addition to Industrial Physics,” said Kai Mellentorf, president of Beverage & Canning. “Eagle Vision strengthens the portfolio of products we offer to can manufacturers and food and beverage packagers by providing highly sensitive and accurate inline testing solutions.” “The Eagle Vision team is very excited to join the Industrial Physics family,” said Arend van de Stadt, president of Eagle Vision Systems. “Industrial Physics, through its many brands, has built an extensive global network with cross selling capabilities and strong customer relationships. Becoming part of this larger, global network allows us to more effectively reach customers around the world.”

About Eagle Vision Systems BV

For over 20 years, Eagle Vision has delivered high-precision computer vision systems to global companies seeking to deliver the highest quality to their customers. With its Basic Scout product line, Eagle Vision delivers highly sensitive in-line inspection systems to the food, beverage and packaging industries. Eagle Vision is the market leader of inspection systems for the baby food supply chain and confectionary markets.

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