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Timber Products

Timber testing

If you work with wood, you’ll know how important it is to make sure it Is sound before shipping out. Good wood can last a lifetime but weaknesses can be costly.

Your timber frames, beams, cuts, and samples all need to be thoroughly tested before they can be used in construction – and we have just the range of timber testing machines and devices to analyze your products and deliver the results you need.

Timber testing in construction and civil engineering

Quality testing is routine in the construction and civil engineering industry, and for very good reason. Before your supplies hit your site, throughout the build, and long after the official opening of your building – testing is critical across the entire journey.

With decades of experience, we know just how essential it is to have materials that meet current regulations and safety standards. Our solutions are designed with today’s standards in mind, as well as considering the potential standards of the future, helping you be prepared for the kind of changes that may be around the corner.

Timber test and inspect solutions

From hardness and tension to compression testing, our reliable and robust machines are found at construction sites and across factories and laboratories all over the world. They are accurate, durable and designed to be easy to use – so you can cut down on testing time and increase your productivity.

Our test frames and Universal Testing Machines will apply elongation forces to your timbers. They will show you how stress and strain impacts upon your pre-cut samples or help you to calculate the pressure required to bend or break them.

We even make precise and trouble-free wood chip classification systems. And if you’re looking for timber testing devices able to detect moisture, we have those too. A Wood Moisture Tester with Temperature Compensation lets you discover if and when moisture is working its way into your wood.

Reliable and efficient timber testing

Whether you need a handheld tester to check for dry rot out on the job or a full bend and flex testing solution for research and development back at the lab, you’ll find a solution with us. We have cutters to help you prepare samples, wedge grips to hold them in place and the universal testing machines designed to put them through their paces.

Everything you need to thoroughly test your timber, all in one place. And if you need any help working out your testing set up, our engineers will be happy to share their expertise and chat through your industry-specific needs and questions.

Grow your reputation with Industrial Physics

From wedge grips to customised test frames, we have all of the timber testing equipment and accessories needed to ensure your wood is solid. Browse a few highlights below or check out our full range of timber test and inspect solutions.