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Steel Products

There are over 3,500 grades of steel, each varying in its physical and chemical properties. It’s important therefore that you have analyzed every aspect of the metals you use in your products.

If you work with steel, then Industrial Physics can help to galvanize your quality checking processes. The types of inspections our innovative testing instruments can perform on your steel samples includes strength, hardness, elasticity, and tensile testing.

We produce a range of abrasion machines, impact testers and environmental corrosion chambers. If you work with steel cans, our can inspection systems detect defects quickly and accurately on the flange, bottom, and the inner sidewalls. Make sure the contents of your cans don’t leak out, and stop ambient materials from the environment sneaking in, with our precision leak detection systems.

Whatever you use your steel substrates for, we have the vision inspection systems to test them thoroughly. Making sure they are fit for purpose, protecting your reputation, and keeping your customers happy.