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Paper Products

Paper testing

We’ve specialized in the design and manufacture of testing instruments for pulp, paper, and packaging industries for almost 100 years, so you’d better believe that we have paper testing all wrapped up.

Paper testing for packaging and products

We offer reliable measurement and testing instruments to rapidly analyze physical properties of your paper materials – giving you a clear picture of which packaging works best for your products and whether your paper samples are fit for purpose.

Whether you’re at the R&D phase for a new kind of packaging, you’re looking for a more sustainable alternative to your liners, or you need to test whether a particular type of paper is suitable for printing, we can help.

Precise paper testing

Our instruments can measure more than 50 discrete properties based on international testing standards. The long list includes coefficient of friction (COF), product thickness, gage and/or bulking properties, adhesion, release and tack, compression strength and crush resistance, tensile strength, impact resistance, internal bond strength, rub and wear resistance, and printability and print quality.

No matter what you need to know about your paper samples, we have the testing machines and equipment to help you get the data you need.

Measure a wide spectrum with the Technidyne ColorTouch® X ISO, which brings together a powerful set of tools to meet the demands of the brightness, color and fluorescence markets. Discover pulp morphology measurements with the MorFI NEO or measure the hardness of a roll and avoid problematic paper waste with the ACA RoQTM roll hardness profiler.

Paper testing to the highest standards

If you’re looking for reliable results that are mindful of industry standards, then you’ve come to the right place. At Industrial Physics we understand the value of ensuring it’s easy to test to a wide range of specifications and regulations and develop our solutions accordingly. From E.8 to ISO 12625-15, we’ll help you make sure your testing set up gets you the data to need to be in-line with, and to exceed, expectations.

Build your paper testing set up with Profile/Plus

Technidyne’s PROFILE/Plus range lets you build an automated testing system one instrument at a time, for an affordable and accurate set up that suits your needs. Enjoy the versatility needed for greater efficiency with instruments that can work independently or systematically. They can also handle a wide variety of paper grades and are designed to be futureproofed against a changing market.

One hundred years of paper testing expertise

We’ve taken our many years of experience and applied them to every part of our development and selection process to bring you the best paper testing solutions. Browse our featured products below or check out our full range of paper testing products.