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There are many types of non woven fabrics on the market and they are relied upon by organizations across a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, automotive and medical devices.

These can be broadly defined as a web or sheet structures that have been bonded together by entangling fiber or filaments mechanically, thermally, or chemically. They are flat, porous sheets that are made directly from separate fibers or from molten plastic or plastic film.

The term non woven fabric originated in the textile manufacturing industry to denote fabrics that are neither woven or knitted. An example of a non woven fabric is wool felt. And there are many times, such as non woven geotextile fabrics. 

At IP we help non woven fabric manufacturers and users to test their products or accurately select the proper materials appropriate for their industry and application. We offer many different types of material testing services and we can even custom build devices for unique applications.  


Non woven testing types

Here are some of the types of non woven fabric tests that we can support you with to any international standard, including ASTM D4685. We also offer a large number of additional services – get in touch, we’d love to tell you all about them!  


Non woven burst strength testing 

Need to understand how much pressure your non woven fabrics will withstand before they rupture? Our burst test and inspection machines will give you the results you need, under controlled conditions. Get an accurate picture of how your non woven materials will react to the demands placed on them with quick and convenient solutions that fit right into your QA process. 

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Non woven permeation testing 

When you have to ensure the barrier capability of your non woven materials then our permeation testing machines and services will show you how gas or water vapor permeates through them.  A non woven fabric will either block permeation, or it will allow the passage of these substances – a filtration effect. So, it’s essential to select the correct material.  

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Non woven tear strength testing

Your reputation is only as strong as your products. We’re here to ensure the tear strength of your non woven fabrics with the best strength testing and tensile testing equipment available. 

Tear strength testing reveals the amount of force necessary to rip a non woven with a pre-cut slit. We can also help with everything from peel strength testing to yield strength, delamination, and shear strength inspection. 

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Non woven softness testing 

How soft are your non woven fabrics? Do you need to identify the deflection or softening characteristics of your test specimens? Our range of softness testing machines provide the answers to these questions.  

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Proven non woven credentials  


We’ve been building reliable testing devices for our customers across many industries for decades now. We can help you to rapidly analyze any property of any non woven fabric you are examining, so get in touch today! 


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