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Inks and Coatings  Products

From abrasion testing to viscosity testing – choose IP

Ensuring the integrity of your finished packaging is nothing short of critical. And a big part of this involves making sure that your products look good and will pop from the shelves.

But to make that happen, you need equipment in place that protects the inks and coatings of your chosen material or packaging. At Industrial Physics – across many of our brands such as TQC Sheen and C&W Equipment – we have a wealth of viscosity testing and adhesion testing solutions available to analyze and compare paints, coatings, and general surface treatment options.

Real world abrasion testing

Then, once your inks and coatings are applied, we can help you to understand how they’ll react to real world conditions –  click here to check out our abrasion testing devices for starters. Then take a look at our corrosion and environmental test chambers, they create the test conditions demanded industries such as automotive and  aerospace. With simulated weather patterns, including salt spray/fog, high humidity and dry heat.

Adhesion testing? Stick with us!

Need a film thickness applicator? Searching for a viscosity testing solution? We can help.

From adhesion testing devices and scrub and scratch abrasion testing machines, through to gloss and color meters, we will help you to understand any aspect of your inks and coatings.

For more information about our inks and coatings testing solutions and our paint testing equipment, just click here.