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Corrugated Paper Products

Whether you make or use flexible or rigid corrugated packaging, we offer reliable measurement and testing instruments to rapidly analyze physical properties, allowing you to test the quality of corrugated packaging. To find out the biggest trends impacting the corrugated packaging market in our latest report.

Corrugated boxes and containers are great for keeping your products safe. Find out if your packaging will survive the hazards of the supply chain or meet global export delivery standards. Measure the strength of critically sealed areas of a package, including crush and compression, tensile strength, burst strength, and bending stiffness. 

Our instruments can measure more than 50 discrete properties based on international testing standards. The long list includes coefficient of friction (COF), product thickness, gage and/or bulking properties; adhesion, release and tack; compression strength and crush resistance; tensile strength; impact resistance; internal bond strength; rub and wear resistance; and printability and print quality.  

There’s not much about corrugated paper testing we don’t understand. We’ve specialized in the design and manufacture of testing instruments for pulp, paper and packaging industries for almost 100 years.