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Aluminum Products

From the thinnest of sheet metals, to the largest of aluminum components for the aerospace industry, Industrial Physics can help you to understand every characteristic of the products you make and the aluminum materials you use to make them.

We can help you to understand the hardness or the tensile strength of your aluminums. Across our extensive product portfolio, we offer gauges, testers, vision inspection systems and software to ensure sample and finished product quality. Our cutting presses will enable you to strip aluminum samples from sheet material, while our milling machines are ideal for thicker sheets and pipes up to 100mm.

If you use aluminum for your canned goods, we manufacture the best in automated, high technology leak testers, leak and flow testers, and package testers. From seam inspection and metal can testing to inline inspection of empty and filled containers, our devices offer unmatched innovation and help you meet your quality needs.

We’ve been helping our customers to test their aluminum products for over 50 years. Please check through the options we offer and let us know how we can help you with your quality processes.