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Adhesive Products

Check your adhesives, bonds, and coatings are fit for purpose. Make sure they will endure the challenges of your supply chain. Choose from the advanced adhesive testing machines and services from Industrial Physics.

We manufacture a wide range of popular adhesion test kits to measure the adhesion of coatings applied on metal, wood, concrete, or composite materials.

Evaluate the long-term reliability and durability of your adhesives. Assess everything from surface tension, surface energy and printability through to rates of adhesion, hardness, stiffness, tensile strength, thickness, impact, friction, and thermal shrinkage.

We can help you test the tackiness of your adhesive tapes, and we can show you how your glues, paints, and coatings will perform when exposed to the elements. How is this achieved? Our range of innovative environmental and corrosion testing chambers simulate the challenges of your supply chain and the climate.