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TM Electronics Testing 101 – Leak, flow and package testing


Although Leak and Package Testing are different in their functional approach, the fundamental motivation for testing is the same – to ensure that material that is supposed to remain in a package or product stays there, and that nothing in the outer environment that is not intended to get into the package or product can enter.

Perhaps your product is designed to contain a material without losing any of the contents or to transfer a material or solution intact from one point to another. Perhaps you are introducing a new product that is itself enclosed in a completely sealed package, sterile or otherwise, to protect the product from the world, or to protect the world from your product.

Whatever issue you are facing, it has become apparent that testing is important. Leaks mean product failure. Seal or closure weakness may lead to leaks. A leak or seal weakness may lead to material leakage, environmental contamination, loss of sterility or component failure. In all cases, leaks mean waste of manufactured product, and leaks that are not found will surely lead to customer complaints!

Download our comprehensive guide to leak, flow and package testing here.

The guide includes;

Part 1: Device / Product Integrity Testing
What is a leak?
Types of Leak Tests
Pressure or Vacuum Decay Leak Testing?
Mass Flow Testing and Flow Testing for Occlusions/Obstructions
Quality and Process Control when testing packages, products or devices

Part 2:  Package Testing
Introduction to ANSI/AAMI/ISO-11607
Seal Strength Testing
Restraining Plate Package Testing
Package Integrity Testing
Alternative to Microbial Challenge
Other Alternatives

Part 3:   Non-Destructive Pressure/Vacuum Decay Chamber Testing for Sealed Products or Packages
Surrogate Chamber Testing
Understanding your Test Item
Designing your Test Chamber
Chamber Test Systems
Test Fixtures

Learn more about Leak, flow and package testing