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How to achieve huge cost reductions in starch molding

 Dirty Tray Vision System 

In the Starch Molding Industry products are produced by filling single-use starch moulds with liquid jelly, to produce candy and jellies. 

  1. A tray is filled with (corn)starch.
  2. A stamp, a moldboard, presses a ‘negative’ imprint of the products into the starch filled trays.
  3. Liquid jelly is deposited into the molds of the negative imprint.
  4. The trays are stacked and transported to a curing room to dry.
  5. After curing, the products are demolded and leave the molding line for final handling, trays go back to Step 1

In the Starch Molding Industry up to 5% of all final products are rejected and considered waste. For decades this high percentage was “accepted” by manufacturers, and the enormous amount of wastage and additional manual labor seen as “normal”. We are proud to announce we can get that number down to < 1% with our proven solution “Dirty Tray Vision System”. Getting the waste-percentage down by that much, will result in dramatic cost reductions, improvements in quality and machine performance, and an overall greater customer satisfaction.  


In this white paper we will explain how our Dirty Tray Vision System does that, and how it will benefit you.