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Rupture/Burst Testing

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Knowledgebase >

Rupture/Burst Testing

Rupture/Burst Testing is used to describe several different types of test procedures. In some cases, it refers to what is otherwise called a Puncture Resistance Test and the test procedures associated with that realm of testing. In other cases, it refers to the rupture or burst strength of a package such as a bag of chips, or a bottle of shampoo, or anything which may burst or rupture if too much compressive force is applied. It is not limited to consumer goods since you could easily perform this type of test on any product or material from a wide variety of industries. When performing this type of test the product being tested is usually compressed a specific distance and the force is measured, rather than to the point of destruction. United offers a wide variety of test frames, accessories, and software which will help you perform this type of test.


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