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Knowledgebase >

Paper Strength Testing Application Information

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Knowledgebase >

Paper Strength Testing Application Information

During stock preparation, and particularly at the refining stage, the properties of fibers are drastically changed due to:

  • breaking of intra‐fiber hydrogen bonds
  • fibrillation of the exposed secondary wall
  • creation of inter‐fiber or fibril bonds
  • fiber shortening
  • production of fiber debris

The problem in developing the required characteristics in the type of paper being manufactured lies in the fact that these fiber properties are interdependent. For example, increasing bonding (to promote strength and stiffness) causes fibrillation and a larger surface area that results in lower permeability. Hence, the developed characteristics in a paper are usually a compromise.

This article details a group of instruments which can test various properties of strength in paper and board and those properties that also apply to converted products.

Access the full article here: Paper Strength Testing Application Information