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Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes and Nitrogen Dry Boxes

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Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes and Nitrogen Dry Boxes

Application: Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes and Nitrogen Dry Boxes

Glove boxes are designed for handling both hazardous substances and atmosphere sensitive materials.

For controlled atmospheres, nitrogen dry boxes provide an isolated work environment for processing samples or handling air-sensitive materials while maintaining an anaerobic or other gas specific environment within the glove box. For work with hazardous materials, glove boxes provide a leak-tight environment protecting the user from exposure to potentially dangerous materials. Glove box applications include; anaerobic testing, biological research, catalyst research, hazard material contamination and pharmaceutical packaging.

Systech Illinois offer a range of oxygen analyzers which can provide continuous, highly precise monitoring of oxygen levels inside a glove box, nitrogen dry box or other sealed enclosure. Our range of electrochemical and zirconia oxygen analyzers provide long service life, ppm precision and rapid response time for increased productivity. All models incorporate user-friendly software and the highest quality sensors to provide accurate and reliable measurements; assisting the control and regulation of the perfect glove box environment.