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Dew Point Calculator

Knowing the dew point in any particular environment can be incredibly handy when you’re either applying or testing paints and coatings. The last thing you want is dew forming and stopping your applications from drying properly. Avoid time and material wastage by making sure you know your dew point with our dew point calculator.  

Use our dew point calculator 

Our dew point calculator will help you find out the dew point temperature using relative humidity and temperature. 

Enter the first two values to calculate the dewpoint

Temperature °C
Rel. Humidity %
Dewpoint °C

What is dew point?

The dew point is the point where air is cooled enough to be saturated with water vapor. When the temperature of the air drops below dew point, that water will form droplets or ‘dew’ on available surfaces.  

How dew point is calculated

The dew point is calculated by measuring relative humidity (%RH), ambient temperature (Ta) and surface temperature (Ts). Find out more about how it works in our guide to measuring dew point 

Dew point FAQs

Got more questions about how dew point works? You’re not the only one. We’ve put together answers for some of the most frequently asked questions about dew point.  

Can dew point be negative? 

Yes, a dew point can drop to a negative in the same way that temperature can. Because the dew point can never exceed the temperature, you will always get a negative when the temperature is below zero. 

Does dew point change with temperature?

Yes, the dew point is related to the temperature and therefore does change with temperature. The dew point is the temperature air must be brought to for it to be saturated with water and that point changes relative to the ambient temperature.  

Does dew point change with pressure?

The dew point does change with pressure and this is especially relevant when measuring the temperature of compressed air or gases at pressures that are higher than atmospheric pressure. The higher the pressure, the lower the dew point temperature. 

Testing dew point with Industrial Physics 

If you’re looking for an easy way to measure dew point in your workshop or out on the field, we have just the high-quality solutions for you, including: 

TQC Sheen Dewcheck 4 Series 2 

A handheld dew point meter with high-end industrial sensors combined with sophisticated calibration procedures, ensuring you enjoy the highest accuracy for extreme long-term use. Conforming to industry standards ISO 8502-4 and ASTM D3276-07, this easy-to-use meter measures and records all climate parameters required to treat surfaces. 

Your test and inspect partners

The ability to accurately assess the climate of your workspace is essential, whether you’re testing products in your lab or preparing a site for the application of paints or coatings. Our wealth of experience means we can listen to exactly what you need and advise you on just the solutions you need to get the job done. For more test and inspect options designed by our knowledgeable engineers, browse our temperature and climate testing solutions