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Why is leak testing important?

Why is leak testing important?


Companies across all industries – from aerospace to electronics, and from food through to pharmaceuticals – must prove their goods are fit for purpose. So, choosing and investing in the right leak testing methods is important.

Whatever you manufacture, you must prove the products you make, and the packaging you contain them in, don’t contain imperfections – problem areas that could cause an ‘unacceptable’ flow of liquid or gas from an item. Or even let unwanted atmospheric and environmental contaminants enter in.

Leak testing is a key component of a successful quality control process and there are many different types of leak testing equipment on the market.

Whether you make flexible packages, sterile medical bags or car parts…your products must comply with all relevant quality and environmental standards. But what might an imperfection that would fail a leak test look like? Well, a hole, a crack or a bad seal would fit the bill!

It’s true that everything leaks over time. But depending on –the specifics of the product or packaging there’s differences in what constitutes ‘unacceptable.’

You might have one small hole to contend with. Or find that your goods and the packaging you purchased are riddled with them! First you must decide upon how much leakage you’ll allow either into, or out of, your product or package.

Once you have determined the acceptable ‘leak rate,’ a solid leak testing inspection process will keep you on the right side of the regulator. Leak test variables such as the size of the hole(s), the gas type your products are exposed to and the pressure differential between the inside, and the outside, of your packages or products, are considered.

OK, so we know what the leak test is designed to check for. But why is it important in the first place and what can go wrong if you don’t engage the right leak testing equipment? The answer to this question depends on the industry you operate in and the products you make.

Sector specific leak test considerations


There’s a different type of leak test for every industry…here’s just a few cross-sector considerations:

● Automotive: leak testers are vital for many components of any vehicle to meet stringent environmental, safety and function guidelines
● Healthcare: leak tests guarantee a sterile environment in the packaging of a medical device for a healthcare setting. Or confirm that a batch of life-saving IV tubing sets are free from occlusion
● Food: to extend the product’s lifetime and maintain a carefully blended headspace gas mix; effective leak testing can ensure use and sell by dates
● Heavy industry: think about human health and safety focused leak tests – your products may contain toxic chemicals, or even change to a hazardous state when exposed to the elements
● Pharmaceuticals: leak testing machines can guarantee efficacy of a drug when exposure to air or environmental contaminants could damage its potency
● Consumer electronics: leak testing will ensure that your product can hold up to the environment it’s users are subject to
● Flexible packaging: package leak testing for leak-tight assurance is vital for manufacturers in every sector.

Across the Industrial Physics family of brands we design, make and sell the best leak testing equipment on the market. Whether you need a catheter leak tester or help with pressure decay leak testing, we can plug any gaps in your knowledge or inspection processes.

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