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What is a Vacuum Table?

What is a Vacuum Table?

When you have films and coatings to apply and test as part of your QA process, there are few things as useful as a vacuum table. Want to know more about what a vacuum table is and how it could fit into your test and inspect setup? Dive in.  

How does a vacuum table work?

A vacuum table offers a way to keep specimens still using air, rather than with physical clamps. They typically consist of a perforated table top with a vacuum chamber, and a vacuum pump, which is used to keep the vacuum chamber below ambient enough pressure. 

What are vacuum tables used for?

Vacuum tables have a lot of different uses as they are capable of holding a wide range of materials in place. They can be used for machining, screen printing, engraving, or milling.   

They are also very useful for a range of testing applications, where materials need to be held firmly for tests to be accurate and repeatable. Heated vacuum tables can also be used for the rapid curing of inks, resins or paints as well as processing modern plastics. They can create a thermal bond between flat hot surfaces with thin or flexible materials, like films.  

TQC Sheen vacuum table

Interested in adding a vacuum table to your lab or manufacturing lab? We recommend the TQC Sheen Vacuum Table 115 VAC  or the Heated Perforated Vacuum Table 230 VAC, these heated and perforated tables are perfect for testing inks and coatings. The temperature is customizable and can be accurately set to one decimal place. Heat can be adjusted from ambient till 125°C and is evenly distributed, so the entire vacuum plate has the exact same temperature. 

Applications include testing adhesives to evaluate bonding strength at different temperatures and testing coatings to evaluate opacity, hiding power and other appearance parameters as well as test charts for scrub, abrasion and washability tests. 

Inks and coatings testing with TQC Sheen

TQC Sheen is just one of our specialist testing brands. At Industrial Physics, you’ll find testing expertise covering a huge range of industries and applications – from paint testing solutions suitable for the construction industry to test and inspect solutions for inks and coating needed for flexible packaging. 

When it comes to paints, inks, and coating, we have decades of experience. Our TQC Sheen specialist testing brand is well known for its innovations in paint testing and our products continue to lead the market. Check out our featured TQC Sheen products.