What is a Universal Testing Machine? - Industrial Physics What is a Universal Testing Machine? - Industrial Physics

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What is a Universal Testing Machine?

Universal Testing Machines: FAQs

Highly customizable, versatile, and able to carry out a huge range of tests, UTMs have a great range of applications. Got a burning question about how they work or what they are? We’re here to help.  

Frequently asked questions about Universal Testing Machines

Everything you need to know about Universal Testing Machines. 

What do Universal Testing Machines do? 

Universal Testing Machines, also known as UTMs, are machines capable of measuring and analyzing the physical and mechanical properties of sample materials by testing their performance when subjected to a variety of tensile or compressive forces. 

What is the definition of a Universal Testing Machine?

A UTM is a machine that is able to test the performance of a variety of samples when they are subjected to different tensile and compressive forces. The machines are capable of giving an accurate recording of the physical and mechanical properties of the materials being tested.  

They come in a wide range of sizes and can be configured to suit a variety of different applications, thanks to flexibility when it comes to things like fixtures, frames, grips and even software capabilities.  

How are Universal Testing Machines used?

UTMs are used as part of the QA or research and design phase of a wide range of products and applications. Universal Testing Machines can return results that accurately measure the properties of the material tested, giving manufacturers or designers the data, they need to assess how suitable the sample is for the intended application.  

What tests can be performed using a Universal Testing Machines?

There are a wide variety of tests UTMs are capable of carrying out – the clue is in the name! Some of the most common Universal testing Machine tests are: 

  • Pull-out tests 
  • Bending tests 
  • Hysteresis tests 
  • Tensile tests 
  • Compression tests 
  • Adhesion tests 

What kind of materials can UTMs test?

Universal Testing Machines are capable of testing the properties of a wide range of materials, including foam, rubber, plastics, and polymers, wood, metals and textiles.  

Do UTMs test to industry standards? 

UTMs are designed to help users test a wide range of materials or product components to meet a variety of industry standards. They are also sometimes used to test materials that do not have a standardized testing method.  

Are there different types of Universal Testing Machines? 

Yes, there are several different types of UTMs. There are a few different types of machines, including electromechanical (Electric Motor) driven systems and servo-hydraulic driven systems. Not sure which suits your needs? Check out our guide to types of UTMs 

If you’re struggling to make sense of the names or components of your machine, our UTM glossary might also help.  

Universal Testing Machines at Industrial Physics

At Industrial Physics we have a number of solutions available under our United Testing Systems product line, we have a variety of customizable UTMs to suit a huge range of industries. Our experts can help you find just the machine and specifications you need to make sure your testing process is the best it can be. If you’d like to find out more about United’s machines or how we can help, get in touch.