United’s DragonFly UTS is a highly robust, yet easy to use Windows based software package for tension, compression, and materials testing applications.

When considering a new Universal test machine, evaluating the software that drives your system and the associated ownership costs will be one of the most important considerations to make when purchasing a new test system. Why not choose software that has a proven track record of not only meeting, but exceeding customer expectations?

Cost of Ownership

While most of our competitors constantly release new versions of software, which increase ownership costs, United has relied on DragonFly UTS for a few simple reasons.
  • DragonFly UTS is a cost-effective solution for virtually all UTM test applications.

  • DragonFly UTS is easy to use and learn. From Advanced users to semi-skilled operators, DragonFly UTS can be used by virtually anyone.

  • DragonFly UTS Provides A High-Degree Of Customization And Control.

    • ​After selecting a test method and entering information concerning the test sample, measurements of individual specimens to be tested are entered. “Batch Mode” reduces data entry when specimens have identical dimensions.
    • Point and Click to start the test with real time plot. Sophisticated routines set markers and perform calculations in accordance with your test method requirements as set up in the Template Manager.
    • Test results are automatically transferred to the MS Access database. This allows you apply the query tools and other powerful resources of MS Access to the analysis of your data. In addition, you can generate publication quality reports and graphs and even transfer data and curves to any compatible spreadsheet program for additional analysis.
    • Using the Report Design area, test operators can select what types of information appear on each field of the report.
    • Laboratory administrators are able to specify numerous security options for each user of the test system. These options range from what tasks a user is allowed to perform on the test system to what type of data he or she is able to view. DragonFly UTS is also multi-lingual, providing for testing in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish as well as offering extensibility to other languages.
    • Test results are presented dynamically, allowing the operator to change how test data are presented on-the-fly by changing the components of the graph.
  • DragonFly UTS Is Backward-Compatible.

    • ​Using the import feature, users who upgrade to version 5.0 from most previous versions of DragonFly UTS can safely import test data, templates, and other settings into the new version with little effort.
  • Our highly experienced team can work with you to maximize your test applications by writing custom test procedures.

United pioneered the first automatic data acquisition and reduction system to be used in conjunction with physical testing. We also developed the first fully-automatic test system able to test several samples in sequence without operator involvement. These breakthroughs have earned United an enviable reputation as the “Pioneer in Tensile Data Acquisition.”

Our current software platform, DragonFly UTS is a continuation of our commitment to being pioneers in our field.

DragonFly UTS – United’s Advanced Software Platform

United’s DragonFly UTS testing software offers solutions from basic force and compression testing to advanced materials testing applications. We can also develop customized software solutions that provide the ultimate in precision machine control, accurate data recording and flexible analysis.

DragonFly UTS provides all the features you want for basic tension and compression measurements, or advanced materials testing applications software in a single station or multi-user network environment. DragonFly UTS  provides:

  • Precise machine control
  • High-speed data acquisition
  • Template managers for flexible test method design
  • Microsoft Access-based software links with specialized databases to keep test results secure and accessible
  • Powerful built-in analysis tools are included or you can design your own
  • Generate publication-quality reports that are fully customizable
  • Point-and-click operations for basic selections along with clearly defined data fields make DragonFly UTS the easy-to-use and flexiable choice for materials testing environments.

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