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Technidyne Sees Beyond Optical

When people look at Technidyne they often think about the measurement of optical properties of paper, but we have much more to offer. It’s true that Technidyne has a long history and a great reputation for providing instruments that measure optical properties, but you should also know that we’ve worked hard to bring our customers solutions well beyond our core products.

Technidyne has developed valuable relationships including:


Nearly a decade-long relationship with Emtec – A German company providing multifunctional measuring instruments to assess the softness, elasticity and compressibility of tissue and fabrics as well as ball burst strength, thickness and grammage. Emtec is the leader in the tissue market for measuring tissue softness. They manufacture equipment for solutions including: particle charge, zeta potential, drainage and glueability.

Over ten years working with Techpap – A company founded by the French Research Center for Pulp & Paper (CTP) providing instruments to measure formation of papers and boards yielding maximum information about floc size distribution, floc anisotropy, periodic marks and trends. Some other Techpap products include: fiber morphology, dirt, mottle and stickies.

A long relationship with ACA – A company based in Finland that provides instruments for testing roll hardness and on-line air permeability. ACA RoQ analysis is not just a measure of roll quality, but also a great web quality tool. Caliper variations are far too small to be picked up by online scanners or test labs. Hardness profile is an excellent indicator of paper or film material being level enough to be wound up. Another unique solution is the Permi for online air permeance which has helped in many applications including non-wovens.

Technidyne has developed these relationships carefully, ensuring that the properties tested by these instruments are not just one-off testing resources, but rather that they are important and innovative pieces to the overall testing puzzle. Growing in this way allows customers to work with a single resource with the capabilities, experience and service necessary to ensure success.


Growth in both our testing capabilities and the staff numbers at Technidyne have also allowed us to provide more support to our customers for technical assistance and service. We have more tools and expertise than ever before, and we’re better equipped to solve problems, provide customer training and to serve as a deep knowledge-base for pulp and paper measurement.

If you would like to explore ways in which Technidyne can help to optimize your paper testing process please contact us.

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