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Standards for Your Cross Cut Adhesion Test

Standards for Your Cross Cut Adhesion Test

A cross cut adhesion test is just one of the many tools in your arsenal when it comes to testing films and coatings, but if you want to ensure it’s able to help you meet the relevant standards, you need to know what those standards are. Get the lowdown on the ASTM standards on cross cut adhesion testing and be confident in your next testing round.  

What is a cross cut adhesion test?

A cross cut adhesion test is a way of determining the resistance of films to separation from substrates. It is typically carried out by the means of a handheld tool that allows the user to cut a lattice pattern in the coatings, to the point where the tool meets the substrate. The user can then observe the characteristics of the film, to see how well it adheres to the substrate after the cutting process. 

A cross cut pattern with no flaking or minimal disturbance to the paint or coating indicates that it adheres to the substrate. The tester can then apply and remove pressure-sensitive tape over cuts made in the film, to gauge the amount of separation from the substrate.  

ASTM standards for a cross cut adhesion test

The ATSM standard for cross cut adhesion testing is ASTM D3359. This is the standard testing definition for rating adhesion by tape test when testing films on metallic surfaces. The test is also sometimes known as a cross hatch test, thanks to the lattice shaped cuts made in the films being tested. There are two methods, Method A where a lattice pattern is used and Method B, where the cross cut pattern is used.  

Spotlight on the TQC Cross Cut Adhesion Tester 

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This durable and reliable testing device adheres to ASTM testing standards, so you can be sure that you’re testing to the required degree. It tests to 1 mm acc. to ASTM D3359 <2009 and is suitable for CC2000 and CC3000 test kits. 

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