Providing personalized leak and flow solutions with the TME Solution™! - Industrial Physics Providing personalized leak and flow solutions with the TME Solution™! - Industrial Physics

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Providing personalized leak and flow solutions with the TME Solution™!

Sometimes, when you’re dealing with the testing of medical devices, it can be tricky to find the solution you’re looking for. And sometimes, that’s because that piece of equipment you’re searching for – the one that ticks every single box – just doesn’t exist.

Thankfully, the resourceful experts at Industrial Physics are on hand to discover – or in some cases even develop – the right solution for your medical devices testing needs.

The application: Leak and flow testing of multi-lumen catheters

As experts in providing packaging, product, and material integrity test and inspection solutions, Industrial Physics develop state-of-the-art medical device testing solutions for companies all over the world.

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What was the problem?

A medical device company that manufactured a variety of catheter configurations required a piece of equipment that would enable them to achieve accurate, repeatable, and reliable leak and flow result test results.

For this organization, testing had to be performed on each lumen of the catheter and the results then reported by the lumen. The medical device manufacturers were in need of an instrument that had the flexibility to create separate pass/fail criteria for a range of lumens – it also needed to be able to accommodate both male and female inputs and straight tube input.

How did Industrial Physics help?

To support these needs, the team at Industrial Physics designed a unique instrument that met these criteria – the seven-port sequential TME Solution™.

This customized instrument can be programmed to test from one to seven ports operating in a sequential process. With this solution, the instrument can test up to seven lumens on a single catheter – hugely beneficial for any medical device manufacturer. Either channel can be selected to run either leak alone, flow alone, or flow followed by leak tests When the flow tests are selected, all flow tests are performed prior to running any leak tests.

Thanks to our innovative and personalized solution, our customer was able to conduct tests in a way that suited their unique needs and was able to achieve accurate and repeatable results.

Your medical device testing partner

At Industrial Physics, the parent company of TME, we’ve been providing packaging, material, and product test and inspection solutions for almost 100 years. And we have a range of solutions on offer to ensure the integrity of your medical devices. If you’d like to discuss your specific needs with us, we’d be more than happy to help.

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