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Protect your reputation with oxygen permeation testing

You think you’ve picked the perfect packaging to protect your precious products…then you encounter an oxygen permeation problem.  A problem that can lead to product recalls, expense, wasted time, and reputational damage.

Knowledge of oxygen transmission rates is important – particularly if you’re a food producer that packages goods in a modified atmosphere. In this industry it’s essential to limit oxygen permeation and inhibit the growth of microorganisms, to prolong the shelf life of your food, and keep your consumer safe!

If you analyze your raw materials or finished packages properly using reliable permeation testing instruments, then you’ll avoid any issues. When it comes to oxygen permeation, proactivity is key – perform the right checks now, and avoid problems later.

Oxygen transmission rate testing

The best way to avoid any issues relating to oxygen is to analyze your raw materials or finished packages properly beforehand by determining the permeation rate calculation.

Most techniques measure the oxygen transmission rate of a film before it’s been incorporated into the package. Typically, on a flat film – at a defined temperature of 23ºC. But this technique doesn’t account for real world scenarios. It doesn’t take into account heating, stretching, and forming – all of which will affect oxygen permeation rate properties.

Final package permeation testing for optimal results

It’s far better to measure oxygen permeation on the finished article. This should be done through test conditions in which the product will be stored at a variety of temperatures. It adds a much needed sense of realism.
This method of oxygen permeation testing offers the potential of reduced costs for the producer and less waste for the consumer.

Identifying your oxygen transmission rate

Industrial Physics has the solution in the form of the best permeation testing instruments on the market. They’re designed and manufactured by our specialist brand Systech Illinois, a global manufacturer of oxygen and water vapor permeation solutions.

Download the Industrial Physics permeation testing instruments guidebook

Ensure accuracy and productivity at lower costs with our permeation tests. Find out more by downloading our guidebook: ‘How our permeation equipment works for you’.