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Oxygen Process Testing Equipment

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Oxygen Analyzers: Uses and Functions

When you need to know the 02 concentration of a particular gas, oxygen analyzers offer the ideal solution. Fast, efficient and able to offer highly accurate results, these test and measurement solutions are frequently used throughout a number of sectors, from medical to beverages. Find out everything you need to know about oxygen analyzers in our handy guide.   

What does an oxygen analyzer do? 

Oxygen analyzers work by measuring the paramagnetic properties of the air or gas in an atmosphere. This could be in an open space, like a building or ship, or in a small and enclosed area, like the headspace in an item of flexible packaging 

How does an oxygen analyzer work?

Oxygen analyzers typically contain two chambers, each fitted with a resistance wire. A magnetic field will be created in one chamber and not in the other. The gas being measured is passed through a diffuser and into the two chambers. Oxygen is drawn to the magnetized chamber and, because oxygen conducts heat effectively, the difference in temperature between the two wires can be used to measure the presence of oxygen.   

This is a method of measuring oxygen through thermal conductivity, you can find out more about the process in our guide to the thermal conductivity of gases 

Oxygen analyzers in medical testing

Medical gases must adhere to strict standards. They can be used as a way to administer treatment to patients and that means they are subject to the same sort of stringent testing as things like pharmaceuticals.  

Oxygen analyzers might be used to test everything from the concentration of oxygen in canisters of gas used to aid breathing to the levels of oxygen in sealed packaging of medical devices. Check out our guide to analyzing medical gas for more information.   

Analyzing oxygen in headspaces

Oxygen analyzers can also be used as a way to check the oxygen levels in the headspace of packaging, bottles or flexible packaging. This can be very important in helping manufacturers and producers predict the shelf-life of the content, especially if they are perishables. You can learn more about how oxygen and other gas analyzers can be useful in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) in our guide to MAP analysis 

Analyzing oxygen in industrial settings

There are also some settings where oxygen analyzers are an important part of a health and safety process. For example, oxygen monitoring is crucial in mines or in in chemical storage areas as well as in combustion facilities 

Spotlighting oxygen analyzers 

Oxygen analyzers come in a range of different sizes and shapes, to suit the eventual application. A few of our recommended products include: 

EC900 Process Oxygen Analyzer 

An electrochemical oxygen analyzer that is designed to accurately measure oxygen levels within most industrial gases and atmospheres, from laboratory testing to semiconductor manufacturing processes. 

EC92DIS ATEX Portable Oxygen Analyzer 

This portable analyzer can be used in hazardous areas and can detect oxygen levels as low as 1ppm. 

Analyzing oxygen with Industrial Physics

Whether you’re in flexible packaging production or you’re a manufacturer of medical devices, we can help you find the test and inspect solution you need to test oxygen levels quickly and accurately. Our specialist brand Systech Illinois has led in the way in gas analysis for more than 30 years – discover oxygen analyzers and more