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Micrometers – all you need to know!


When you need highly accurate thickness testing measurements of the depth, width, or length of a material then an Industrial Physics micrometer will deliver fast, consistent results.

micrometer is a precision measurement tool that’s primarily used for thickness testing. And IP brands TMI and Messmer Büchel are world leaders in precision contact, microprocessor-controlled micrometer technology.  

 Micrometers can be used for continuous or single testing and statistical analysis. Some can be controlled remotely through a computer terminal, others are used in conjunction with other testing equipment when measuring material thickness.  

Our digital micrometers and thickness testing gauges will handle most sheet-like substrates and our micrometer film applicators are ideal for research projects to evaluate small variations in film thickness.  

 All of our micrometer technologies bring together unmatched accuracy with robust mechanical design and a modern, contemporary look.  

Industrial Physics micrometer technology

Our digital micrometers use state of the art measuring technology for unrivaled accuracy and they’re available in a range of specifications to meet international test standards.

Messmer Büchel 49-56 

 The popular 49-56 micrometer gives precise thickness measurements. Whether you’re working with paper, plastic and plastic films or tissue paper, nonwovens, textiles and other sheet-like substrates. 

 It’s the tool for the job when your packaging sheet materials must hit international standards, including ISO, ASTM, EDANA and more.  

The TMI Micrometer

 The TMI 49-86 micrometer is another great thickness testing option for thin samples and products made from paper, film, or non-wovens. Its precision digital linear encoder measuring system has an ultra-clear, easy-to-read digital display.  

  It has a measurement range of 0-0.050 in. (0-1.27 mm), but you can talk to us about specialty models – available for corrugated, composites and rubber sheet materials – up to 12.7mm thick. 

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