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Lap Shear Testing

Lap shear testing is another type of test that can be considered a sub-category of adhesion testing. It is typically used to measure the strength of glues and adhesives and measures their strength when a load is applied. In a lap shear test two surfaces are bonded together and then pulled apart. Usually, the surface area where the adhesive is applied is specifically defined so that measurements such as PSI or Mpa can be calculated. Different types of lap shear testing can be performed, and careful consideration must be given to what a particular standard may require. Single lap shear, Single lap shear w/ a bevelled sample, Double lap shear, and Double-butt lap shear are all various types of tests that fall within this category. United offers several types of grips and fixtures which will enable you to perform a variety of lap shear tests that are accurate and repeatable.


United can help you with these and other Lap Shear testing standards

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ASTM C961 –  Lap Shear Sealants Test Equipment
ASTM D1002 – Lap Shear Testing for Adhesively Bonded Metals
ASTM D3163 – Lap Shear Rigid Plastic Test Equipment
ASTM D3164 – Lap-Shear Sandwich Testing Machine
ASTM D3528 – Tension Strength of Double Lap Shear Adhesive Joints
ASTM D5656 – Thick-Adherent Metal Lap-Shear Testing of Adhesives in Shear by Tension Loading
ASTM D5868 – Lap Shear Adhesion Plastic Bonding
ASTM D7616 – Overlap Splice Shear Strength of Wet Lay-Up Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Matrix
ASTM F2255 – Tension Lap Shear Strength Tissue Adhesives Test Equipment