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IP Ratings Chart – Ingress Protection Ratings

IP Ratings Chart: The inside guide

An IP rating is designed to let you know how susceptible a product is to the ingress of water or solid particles like dust or sand. IP stands for ingress protection and testing is essential if you want to know how water-resistant or sealed your products are. It is industry standard for testing everything from plug sockets to high-tech consumer electronics like fitness watches or phones.

Understanding ingress protection ratings

There are a series of different IP ratings to show you the different levels of resistance to ingress a product might have. The rating is divided into separate letters or numbers, each digit telling you a different thing about the product’s resistances.

  • Each rating starts with IP, to show it’s an ingress protection rating.
  • It’s then followed by a digit letting you know the level of protection against solid ingress.
  • Next is a digit to show you how protected the product is against the ingress of water.

IP ratings chart

Protection from SOLIDSProtection from WATER
0/XNo protection0/XNo protection
1Protected against solid objects bigger than 50mm, like a hand.1Protected against vertical water drops.
2Protected against solid objects bigger than 12.5mm, like a finger.2Protected from water drops that land at a 15 degree angle.
3Protected against solid objects bigger than 2.5mm, like a screwdriver3Protected against water sprays of a 60 degree angle.
4Protected against solid objects bigger than 1.0mm, like a needle4Protected against water spraying from any angle.
5Dust protected, offering enough protection to avoid serious harm by dust5Protected against water jets from any angle.
6Dust tight, completely protected from the ingress of dust6Protected against powerful water jets and heavy seas.
7Protected against immersion in water of between 150mm and 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.
8Protected against submersion in water for long periods, exact depth dependent of manufacturer’s specification.
9Protected against high pressure and temperature water, such as concentrated jets.

To understand the rating, you look up the first digit in the column on the left and then the column on the right. For example, an IP67 rating will let you know that the components in an electronic product or device meets the standard ingress protection (IP) rating for consumer products, meaning they are dust tight and protected against immersion in water for up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

IP testing with Industrial Physics

At Industrial Physics, we know you need to be able to trust that your consumer electric goods or other water and dust resistant products can withstand the stresses and challenges of every life. Our years of research and expertise means we’re perfectly placed to help you work out the IP testing solution for your products, whether you’re at the research stage or carrying out routine QA testing. Interested in hearing more? Get in touch.