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Importance of Headspace Gas Chromatography Analysis

Headspace gas chromatography makes it possible to test even volatile substances for the presence of certain compounds, by utilizing and analyzing the associated vapor phase. It’s a technique that’s been around since the 1950s and one which is still useful today.  

What is gas chromatography?

Gas chromatography is a method of separating and detecting the chemical components of a sample mixture. This analytical technique can be used to determine the presence or absence of certain chemical compounds, which are usually organic molecules or gases. 

It works by injecting a gaseous or liquid sample into a mobile phase, also sometimes called a carrier gas. This is then passed through a stationary phase and heated. A computerized detector measures the eluent produced by the process.  

Why use headspace gas chromatography analysis? 

There are many big advantages to using headspace analysis when testing volatile constituents in liquid or solid samples, including the ability to test the headspace gas without destroying the sample. 

It is a popular option for detecting: 

Headspace analysis solutions

If you need an accurate analysis of headspace gas, we have a number of test and inspect solutions that will quickly and efficiently determine the components in a sample. Highlighted products include: 

GS6000 Headspace Analyzers 

A headspace analyzer perfect for oxygen and carbon dioxide headspace measurement for modified atmosphere packaged (MAP) products, this solution is easy to operate and offers high levels of performance technology. 

Gaspace Advance Head Space Analyzers 

Ideal for food and pharmaceuticals industries, this HACCP compliant machine offers automatic calibration, diagnostics and control providing repeatable, accurate results and exceptional performance. 

Oxysense 5250i 

This non-invasive oxygen monitoring and permeation system is suitable for testing headspace as well as permeation and offers automatic data logging with real time graphical and log display. 

See how headspace analysis solutions work

For a little insight into how our Systech Illinois headspace gas analyzers work, you can watch our gaspace analysis video 

You can also get some insight into the benefits of our Systech and OxySense gaspace analyzers in the short video below: 

Get your head around gas analysis with Industrial Physics

With more than 30 years of experience and a team of experts located all around the world, we can help you find just the right headspace analysis equipment for your sector and application. Whether you’re in pharmaceuticals or you’re developing flexible packaging solutions for food and beverages, we can help.  For more information and a selection of testing solutions perfect for all of your needs, check out our oxygen headspace testing range.